Existential psychotherapy draws upon philosophical writing that shares a concern with existence and how to live and manage your life with authenticity, courage, and responsibility. This is made possible by getting a clearer understanding of your beliefs and values, drawing upon your strengths in order to deal with present challenges and future situations. Uniqueness of individual experience and the intelligibility of problems are valued over formulaic assumptions, categorising or labelling. The past is meaningful in that new understanding may be found through an examination of life experiences and how they may appear from the point of view of the present. Thus the potential for possibilities and human growth lie in the present and the future. I bring a combination of philosophical and psychological perspectives which provide a focus that is grounded and accessible, seeking to get closer to the lived and felt experience of each individual. An important aspect in my work is about engaging with the experiential ‘felt meaning’ that allows the therapeutic encounter to follow its own map with sensitivity and direction.



Somatic Experiencing an approach, that offers a particular way to work with experiences of shock and trauma. You may choose to come for more a talking therapy approach or specifically for SE (which also involves existential exploration) with the intention to work specifically with trauma. Its aim is to create greater resilience in order to move out of physiological traumatic response patterns and directs more attention to the body. The approach requires tracking the activation that comes up from the autonomic nervous system and to explore ways that the unfinished process can dealt with through building capacity and integrating the experience in a new way. The process works towards enabling more expansiveness and ease, sensitively engaging with the patterns that persist and biographical context of each individual.



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